About Us


Since 2016, our main motivation has been to provide our guests with an unforgettable experience.

For this we are tireless in making the environments of our homes always clean and maintained but above all cozy as if at home.

We favor constant attention and help whenever requested.

We have a separate tour and transfer service.

Contact the hostess for more information.


Today there are 4 special apartments in 2 typical neighborhoods of Lisbon: Castelo de São Jorge and Penha de França and all of them with their charms and nooks.

In fact, because we have already received people from around the world, we believe that this success is also due to the transparency and commitment with which we welcome our guests in our city, Lisbon.



We try as hard as we can to reduce our impact on nature and the city. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products, mostly use LED lamps, sort waste and provide some reusable items such as bottles or cloth bags for the exclusive use of guests during their stay.


Susana the Host


Susana lives with her family in Lisbon. She has been a host since 2014 and loves what she does, is also a Feng Shui consultant and has a passion for decorating homes from a young age. Being with her husband, children and friends is what she loves most to do but also enjoy good food and travel.

To her guests, wishes to provide an excellent stay in Lisbon.